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sher-gil: Media Image picker library in kotlin for Android

do-you-wanna-build-a-countdown-timer: Recreation of the-banka-toggle with Jetpack Compose for Week 2 of the #AndroidDevChallenge

Is that tone?: Android app in kotlin inspired by the game はぁって言うゲーム, made with Jetpack Compose

the-banka-toggle: Stretchy, sticky, bouncy drag gesture animation for Android

Ketu the image!: Chrome extension to replace uploaded image markdown with html img tag and width attributes in Github PRs. Get the extension on the Chrome web store here!

39 days of iOS: 39 iOS Projects to 忘​年 2019!


Escape the curse of the Cursor with CursorWrapper

Specifying Kotlin tests with Spek

Mercari x Women Who Code

@Entity, @Embedded and Composite Primary Keys with Room DB