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structuring modules in an Android app project - droidcon London 2023

animating content changes with jetpack compose - droidcon San Francisco 2023

journey of the android white label process - AndroidMakers by droidcon Paris 2023 and GDG Mini Summit Frankfurt 2022

the curious case of android gesture animation - droidcon berlin 2022 #dcbln22 and Women Who Code Connect Reimagine 2021

The Android White Label Process at

The Android White Label Process at ioki for AppDevCon 2023

Escape the curse of the Cursor with CursorWrapper

Specifying Kotlin tests with Spek

Mercari x Women Who Code

@Entity, @Embedded and Composite Primary Keys with Room DB

the-android-undertaker: Experiments with android-y things I needed to make just because.

advent-of-code: My solutions for Advent of Code ‘21, ‘22 and ‘23.

sher-gil: Media Image picker library in kotlin for Android.

do-you-wanna-build-a-countdown-timer: Recreation of the-banka-toggle with Jetpack Compose for Week 2 of the #AndroidDevChallenge.

Is that tone?: Android app in kotlin inspired by the game はぁって言うゲーム, made with Jetpack Compose.

the-banka-toggle: Stretchy, sticky, bouncy drag gesture animation for Android.

Ketu the image!: Chrome extension to replace uploaded image markdown with html img tag and width attributes in Github PRs. Get the extension on the Chrome web store here!

39 days of iOS: 39 iOS Projects to 忘​年 2019!